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Road Safety Code of Practice

Farmers, Agricultural Contractors & Tractor Drivers

1) This is not intended to be a LEGAL INTERPRETATION of the LEGISLATION governing agricultural machinery on the road, but a simple, practical Code of Practice which, when implemented, will greatly increase road safety and the prevention of accidents.


2) All trailers on the Public Highway must be fitted with a fully operational braking system

3) Agricultural Vehicles travelling in excess of 20mph must be fitted with a service brake applied progressively by the tractor service braking system and a FAIL SAFE Secondary Braking System. Code of Practice efficiency required is – Service Brake – 30%: Fail Safe Secondary Brake – 16%.

All Tractors and Trailers exceeding 30mph (50kph) on public roads must be fitted with 2 line air operated brakes which achieve – A Service brake efficiency of 45% and a Fail Safe Secondary brake efficiency of 25%.

4) The number plate displayed on the trailer / attachment must be the same as any registered agricultural vehicle belonging to the towing vehicle firm or company.

5) That all bulk loads, whilst in transit, are covered with Nets or Sheets to prevent any spillage which could be considered hazardous and dangerous to other road users and pedestrians

6) That all Bags, boxes or Bales must be held down by means other than by their own weight or contents, whilst in transit.

7) All Tractor Trailers and appliances travelling at over 20mph to be fitted with mud wings or mud flaps to the rearmost axle.


That Safety Cabs are fitted to all tractors travelling in excess of 20mph, cab fitments to include Windscreen Washers and Wipers, Speedometer, Horn and Twin Mirrors.

9) That the points of all "forks or tines" are covered with 'PROTECTORS' i.e. boards or plates, when travelling on public roads.

10) Tyres on all agricultural vehicles and trailers travelling at more than 20mph should have not less than 1mm tread and be free from cuts and bulges.

11) No White Lights, whether Rear-Facing Tractor Working Lights or broken lenses, should be visible from the rear, during the hours of darkness, whilst on the Public Highway.

12) That Triangular Boards and Illuminated Light Boards are fitted to all long ploughs and implements when on all roads, and when items project over 2 METRES behind the towing vehicle and that marker boards be fitted to the tractor showing the widest part of any projected towed apparatus. Tractors travelling on the public highway may be fitted with dual wheels provided that they are under three metres in width and have over-centre catches with a locking pin. Screw-on types are not acceptable. Such tractors must be fitted with Marker Boards to the front offside and rear offside of the vehicle to show the widest point of the vehicle.

13) Amber Beacons fitted to all tractors and to be functioning, free from dirt, switched on at all times and be seen 360 degrees from the vehicle. Front and Rear Lights and Indicators to be fully working and free from dirt and able to be seen. Steering and Brakes on Tractors to be properly maintained and in order at all times. All trailers must have an amber beacon at the rearmost point of the trailer.

14) All combines must be escorted whilst being driven on the public highway

15) At the safest opportunity, operators of Agricultural Vehicles shall give consideration to other road users by giving way to following vehicles by pulling off the carriageway to allow the following vehicles to pass safely.

16) Agro-chemicals transported on the road shall be kept in locked containers and restricted from public access.


17) That MUD, deposited by tractors and /or appliances when on public roads, be removed as soon as practical or at least at the end of the working day.

18) That "Mud On Road" warning signs are placed at the extremities of any fouling of the carriageway and that these signs are fitted with flashing beacons on 'A' Roads.

19) That all Hedge Cuttings are removed from public roads or at least swept into the verge as soon as practical after hedge cutting and that the area be properly signed that work is in progress.

NOTE: Tractors and Trailers Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight is 24390kg of which 18290kg is the M/G/W/ of trailer plus load.


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